Wire Dies

Precision Die Service (now know as Dixie Precision has provided America's Wire Industry with Wire Drawing Dies since 1970 

We have refurbished over 2 million dies in the last 40 years.

Our die shop's only focus is the old fashioned tungsten carbide round wire drawing dies.   These are known in the industry by several names,including  "carbide dies",  "round dies", "regular dies" and "traditional dies".  We offer new cores as well as several die reworking programs.  We refer to these programs as lease and exchange. 

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ire Drawing Dies

Tungsten Carbide Wire Dies

We  polish and size, resize and  tungsten carbide wire dies.   Dixie  Precision can provide you with rough cores.  We also have a finished wire drawing dies, and a wire die recutting program

Wire drawing dies  wire dies carbide nibs  
R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10l  R11 cases 


Dixie Precision Inc

4137 Lewisburg Road

Birmingham, Al. 35207



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